So I’ve been wanting to get back into my watercolors again for the longest time. In between finishing client’s projects and trying to get around my own projects and taking care of the kids and running errands, I finally decided, I don’t care!! I’m going to find my watercolors and just do it!!!

So after searching every corner of our home and was thinking of sending the kids on a search… I finally found one of my watercolor sets.

So I decided to document most of my process as I plunge fearlessly into one of the most unforgiving mediums. I love watching people paint or create any artowrk for that matter. I hope you enjoy this. No planned out structure just my ol’ spontaneous method  of diving in and having fun.

Oh and of course since I couldn’t think about subject matter since I’m up every 5 secnds trying to stop the kids from fighting I decided to stick to my theme. Dancers of course. Yup this is the year to dance (for me)!

by Cindy Elsharouni