Power behind Prophetic Art

To understand the power behind prophetic art is a vast subject. First we need to briefly identify what “prophetic art” is. Many prophetic artists have written and taught on this subject and have defined the art in so many ways, as basically creating what’s on the heart of God. Part of understanding the power of art, just as we understand the power of the “spoken word” gives us the ability to move forth in it in boldness and with an understanding of responsibility in relation to our identity.

If you’re an artist and you love Jesus, you have a gate open for divine creativity to flow, to speak what’s on the Father’s heart and change the realm on earth. He made us creative beings in His image! He loves to create! So how do we tap into the creativity “Source”? The church is at an age where we are experiencing God more than ever before! Encounters are becoming more real and vivid and frequent. So we as artists should be more busy with our hands creating more because there’s more being revealed. During night visitations, encounters, meditation, worship, prayer or quiet time and reading. We need to keep note or sketch what is revealed in your heart or what is revealed visually.

When we create or portray a heavenly reality, we are decreeing and prophesying God’s kingdom values here. That changes an atmosphere, just like music or aroma or people engaging in some activity. It is related to vibrational frequencies just like these other elements that can have an effect on an individual’s physical or mental state. The art in the same way releases some vibrational frequency by what it portrays. And what we are filled with will always come out in our work. Here’s a very simple example. A depressed person may paint a painting. Whether or not that painting has any obvious portrayal of depression isn’t significant. It will ultimately have an effect on the viewer who has consumed or participated in the artwork by accepting it in and taking it in most likely unconsciously or subconsciously. Taking it from a metaphysical to a spiritual level, a depressed person more than likely has a spirit of depression taking control which in turn will come through in the process of creativity. This spirit then leaves a mark or opens the door for depression to enter into another individual. Of course this is oversimplified. There are other factors involved but this is an easy access to dominate or destroy someone’s life.

So how can we pour out the Spirit of God into people’s lives? Declare the truth of His kingdom and how God sees His creation. Choice of colors are important. Another important part of revealing the Kingdom of God is being washed daily with the Word and not tainting ourselves with pollutants. I’m speaking more about visual pollutants around us. That includes television, internet, books and magazines even at the checkout register. What our eyes see goes into our souls. I’m not talking about sinning. But what we allow our eyes to dwell upon can taint or bring vitality to our souls. If we are watching a thriller or horror movie, that will lay a covering over our perception of the Kingdom of Light. Horror and the spirit of fear should not be entertained. It is in contradiction with the spirit of God inside us. For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit.” Romans 8:5

God is a God of creativity. We need to ask for revelation of what the creative arts can do especially in the spiritual realm. Just as “words create worlds”, the creation with our imagination can create worlds as well. We are channels for the Father to flow with creativity to bless the earth and fill it with His glory. We are living in a time of redeeming the arts for Christ! So let Him flow out in every creation, imagination, invention that you create.