bedouin woman

bedouin woman

Many years ago, when I was in college I had created many paintings and sculptures. They were appealing and gratifying to the viewer. I was also a good, strong believer at that time. Many year’s later, after I got married, The Lord spoke to Tamer and I about house cleaning (another topic for discussion). Anyways, one of the things He spoke to us about was cleansing ourselves and our belongings of defiling objects. That included not only artwork of others but our own as well. Guess what He showed us… Some of my own hard working college artwork needed to be disposed of permanently. Not sold, not given away. It was burn it or dump it. Not because there was anything apparently evil about them. But they were created with a wrong spirit. This has to do with what I was going through during that time in college, whether it was anger, hidden depression or confusion. Nothing I was apparently aware of. We heard God’s voice loud and clear. We obeyed even if we didn’t fully understand why. But He’s a good daddy who explains as we walk along with Him.

The spirit an artist works with is released in their work. No matter what the image may be. Though sometimes the image or colors can definitely give a clue. That’s why it’s important to know your artist. Know their vision, their heart, their passion.


Yesterday Morning by Linda Lucas Hardy

Being an artist means that we allow ourselves to be transparent and exposed, not by talking about our work so much but through our artwork. Artists are actually very vulnerable. That’s why I believe there are many of you who are artists or have a burning desire to create that feel intimidated when doing it in front of a crowd or audience. Sometimes it feels like your’e exposing a side of you that should be private.

That’s the same with giving a prophetic word. If you don’t, no one will notice that they missed something. If you do. You may totally change someone’s life, if not at least their day.

We’ve been talking so much about “prophetic art”. And well there’s probably enough on this subject to write a book and maybe I will take that challenge sometime in the future if I feel led to.

The term “prophetic art” has been more prevalent in the church community these days. Which is great because it a huge leap for the church to be interested in art and see it as a necessary part of our spiritual lives. Thus finally opening it’s door (again since the Renaissance) to the art community.


Curt Walters

If you ask different artists what they think or see prophetic art to be, you might get a variation of definitions. But I find the most common denominator is, creating something that is on God’s heart

Some create for others as a way of releasing a “word” from God for them. Others create to release something in the atmosphere. Other create a message for the church or even for a nation. Some artists may just create what they feel God is speaking to them or try to reveal the nature of God and His kingdom.

I believe even art not created with the intention to be “prophetic” can speak what’s on the father’s heart. As long as it’s not done with an opposing spirit. Like I mentioned above. I don’t believe there’s a gray in between. It’s either glorifying

Susan Downing

Susan Downing

or it’s not. It all His in the first place. We just want to label art as “prophetic” so we can separate our work from the world. Which is ok I guess, but more importantly we should just redeem art so that art’s main purpose is to glorify Him and His beauty (whether this include secular or “Christian”).