Learn to Draw

Learning how to Draw without any Skills

right side brain

Do you want to begin a journey of realistic, improved drawing in less than a week? Ok I won’t lie to you… as with anything, it is a life long process where we will never really stop learning and growing and that’s what also makes it so organic and refreshing. But some of us are just so extremely discouraged or intimated from the idea of drawing that we feel we’ll never be able to draw like some artist.

Well after years of believing the lie that some people are just talented, I’ve finally come to the realization that drawing (and painting or creating anything for that matter) is a skill that can be learned just as easy as reading, writing, playing and instrument or a sport.

Our culture just doesn’t train us to use or utilize our right side of the brain. But we all have that ability. Now if you can hold a pencil and sign your name, you can draw. Provided that you also want to draw.

Trust me, drawing and painting may be one of the most exhilarating things you’ll ever experience. It temporarily takes you outside of time and outside of our time driven society. It’s therapeutic. It’s a drug without the side effects and you have something to show for it. It’s a conversation without words.

Ok I can go on with the benefits but the point is that YOU can draw if YOU want to. The secret? You just need to learn to see like an artist. it’s been proven with thousands of unskilled, untalented people. In a short time, less than a week, their drawing skills have improved to unimaginable levels.

Here’s my personal experience… I’ve always shown an interest in drawing from the age of 2. My dad also knew I loved horses and I loved drawing horses by the age of 3 or 4. When he saw this, he took my Barbie horse (you know those horse figures that look pretty realistic) and placed it in front of me and said “now if you want to draw a horse, dallas horselook at this horse, look at the legs and the muscles, look at the neck…” He made me really look. And never stopped encouraging me. By the age of 10, I was drawing pretty realistically. I thought it was pretty easy but never understood why other kids couldn’t do that.

Well now I know. We’re just never trained to “see”. We think we see but we really just label things in our mind to make sense. What we really see would actually be very illogical for our analytic brain. Relearning or retraining our way of thinking is basically learning how to “see” and learning how to “see like an artist”.

I would love to hear your comments below and let me know what your desires and aspirations are for drawing and learning to draw.