So I’m painting more than usual lately for an upcoming art show but I love the added pressure because it forces me to tune in and pull something out of my spirit that I feel needs to be illustrated or visualized. So I’ve been feeling “dance”.

I love dance! Any kind of motion. Well maybe not any kind of bodily motion because that too needs discernment. But there’s something that intrigues me about moving to a beat or a musical note. I think it’s magical supernatural!

So many cultures around the world use dance in some form of worship of their gods. Think about it. African tribes, Arabian Bedouins, gypsies…I believe something happens in the spirit of a man when certain steps and motions are done in conjunction with reciting words or singing. The spirit realm is open.

But YHWH is the God of dance. He deserves all that we can offer with our bodies, souls and spirits. I believe dance is so powerful and part of what we should used to shake the atmosphere. We have all the tools we need to move in the spirit and change the things that are waiting for us to take our stand. If you are a dancer, artist, worshiper in any form, YOU are armed!!!!

I would love to study more about dance from a spiritual perspective. And I’d love to hear your views and comments. I hope you enjoy the painting and the ones to come!