How To get Your Child To Start A Gratitude Journal

I have 2 elementary aged kids and I have come to realize that today’s children are expecting a lot more and have to deal with a lot more than we ever had to. Instant gratification is prevalent, in my opinion due to our social media age and the electronics they are exposed to.

And you know what? There is more stress, un-satisfaction and depression then ever before. BUT… there is a way to start them off early in life cultivating emotions and an attitude of being thankful for the little things in life.

Why Kids Should Start Gratitude Journaling

Studies show that practicing gratitude makes you happier. People who intentionally focus on recognizing people and things that they are thankful for—on a daily or weekly basis—report feeling happy for up to a month after the positive affirmations.

Expressing gratitude is also good for relationships. If we focus on the positive things about a person and acknowledge his or her kindness, it can improve our relationship with that person.

Plus, journaling is an authentic writing opportunity that also helps children academically with handwriting, spelling, and sentence structure.

As parents, we can help kids notice and seek out the positive things happening around them. This practice can become a habit that will hopefully follow them throughout their lives.

So starting a gratitude journal with your child will not only help them mentally and emotionally but this will also roll over to their physical bodies, as we improve our immune system when we are happier. It’s how our bodies work. 

Don’t Delay! Start One Today!

It’s easy and fun and can become such a priceless habit, that you will reap the benefit of years to come. Life always has it’s turns but when you have already developed a habit of seeing the good in life, it will help you get through the times that others see as devastating.

Grab one here and get started! It’s never too early ❣️