Love of Animals and the Love of Coloring

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Although coloring books are generally thought of as a children’s activity, adult versions are gaining a lot of momentum. And we are on it.Coloring is a creative exercise that helps with anxiety and organizing your thoughts. Numerous studies cite art and coloring as a stress reducer, or as a beneficial practice in increasing mindfulness.
As an artist, This give me a chance to not only share with you in the process of creations but this gives you the opportunity to put your expression in visual form.
Coloring is for everyone. The challenging part for some may be the drawing, so why not take that stress out of teh way?
This is the best freedom you can have. Grab your paper and mediums anytime! Before bed, while watching TV, on airplanes — ANYTIME.
Show Horse

This horse and other images are available digitally for sale on Etsy

There are so many coloring books out there and the styles are endless.
As for me, I find a beauty in mixing the nature in realism and adding an artistic fun twist to spark creativity in the colorists.
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