About Us



Each individual has an artist inside striving to come out. It has been Cindy Elsharouni’s dream and passion to see people get in touch with their creative selves.

Her introduction to the world of art started at the age of 3. It was a point of no return. Her desire to depict and replicate the world around her through lines and forms as lead her to multiple art careers and many art exhibition across the Atlantic. From working with oil and mixed media to book illustration and graphic design.

Though she has had ample opportunity to tackle many forms of mediums and subject matter, she returns to her first love, animals and specifically the equine world.

In her coloring books, she shares her love for animals and all organic form and intertwines it with her passion to see others interact and recreate with her artwork.

Tamer her husband is also an international fine artist who is passionate about landscapes as well as fantasy art. Together they create a complete embodied work of art.